Dedicated Cloud App Development Team

We have a team of expert cloud app developers who can construct highly scalable cloud apps that boost the revenues of your organization. Notably, our cloud app development team is capable of managing any difficult project and giving the best cloud app development services. Hire us for specialized cloud app developers to get additional benefits.

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Hire Cloud App Developers

We provide organisations the option of hiring cloud app developers that can create scalable, portable, and secure containerized cloud apps (including those based on services/microservices).

  • Customised Solution.
  • 100% security. Guaranteed.
  • No training or maintenance needed

Our Cloud Services

At Livoso Technologies, we provide end-to-end cloud solutions for organizations all over the world in order to help them expand in a competitive market. Our cloud solutions cover every stage of cloud application adoption, including cloud app consultancy, cloud app development,and testing, cloud app security services, cloud app integration with other cloud and on-premises apps, and cloud app infrastructure management.

Cloud Consulting Services

At Livoso, we have highly certified cloud specialists that can offer
you with a well-planned and
strategic comprehensive cloud consulting services for your organisation.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

As a top cloud application development company, we have cloud specialists that can manage all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including on-premises hardware.

Cloud Migration

Our cloud app development agency in India aids you in migrating your databases, servers, business apps, and business processes to a cloud platform based on your business requirements.

Cloud Deployment

Our Indian cloud application development business has prior expertise with cloud deployment services. We specialize in public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.

Cloud Microservices Architecture

We design cloud microservice-based architectures as an offshore cloud application development company by separating software into discrete components, resulting in increased performance.

Cloud Support and Maintenance

At Livoso, we provide highly specialized IT support experts for your project to administer and monitor your cloud application, as well as continuing support and maintenance.

Integration with Most Powerful Technologies

We build flexible and innovative IT solutions with a futuristic vision towards an actionable plan. Our team of professionals has delivered innovative solutions on technology for various top-tier companies and agencies across the UAE.

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