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Education is multibillion-dollar sector that has been profoundly transformed by technology. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are replacing boring classrooms in colleges and universities, while massive textbooks are giving way to mobile devices.


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E-Learning Software Development

School Management Software

Aids in the methodical and well-organized management of schools. Via a single door, our system offers the advantages of e-learning, video conferencing, assignment and evaluation, school smart cards, and so on.

Teacher App

Create a platform allowing instructors to access high-quality information and teach from anywhere and at any time using only their smartphone. Our app provides advantages such as simple attendance tracking, teacher-parent communication, convenient curriculum access, and many more.

Parent App

A easy and quick method for parents to communicate with instructors and keep track of their child's attendance, results, fees, school bus location, and daily activities. A must-have for today's working parents.

Video Conferencing

A Virtual Classroom system that includes capabilities such as live and recorded lessons, screen sharing, video quality adjustment, real-time attendance, and is tailored to meet the demands of school administration, instructors, parents, and students.

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Advanced Features

One-stop solution for managing and tracking your
business in real-timetime.

  • Admin Panel
  • Tutor Dashboard
  • Student Application

ScienceSoft's eLearning Development Advantages

  • Fast solution delivery
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Guaranteed software quality