Your Trusted Shopify Maintenance & Support Partner In Dubai

With over 5 years of ecommerce maintenance and support experience, we’re a highly experienced technology company associated with some of the Dubai's most popular brands. We provide your business with hassle-free and long-term support so that you can count on us.

Our Shopify Maintenance & Support Services

Regular Updates

We ensure your site remains up-to-date by checking its status regularly while offering regular updates. Updated sites perform well and take the least time to load and perform.

Continuous Monitoring

Our Shopify maintenance and support experts will constantly monitor your Shopify performance round the clock so that you don’t face any issues with your Shopify business.

Bug Solving

Our technical team brings to the table in-depth knowledge of Shopify bug fixing and ensures your website is always performing at its best.

Malware Scanning

We take great care in scanning your Shopify store for harmful malware that might affect your business continuity. We use the latest tools and technologies to keep you one step ahead.

Speed & Performance Optimisation

Give your Shopify store the speed and performance it deserves with our maintenance expertise. Improve your conversion rates and achieve powerful business results.

Ongoing Maintenance

We make sure your Shopify store is working at its best every second with our ongoing maintenance service. We see to it that your business faces no technical issues at any time of the day, month, or year.

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We build flexible and innovative IT solutions with a futuristic vision towards an actionable plan. Our team of professionals has delivered innovative solutions on technology for various top-tier companies and agencies across the UAE.

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Why Choose Livoso Technologies for Sophify Maintenance and Support ?

As a professional Sophify Ecommerce development company, we understand the customer's behaviour & Ecommerce trends, and with our vast experience, we help you enhance your current user interface and backend functionality. Here are some reasons you may consider to choose us as your Sophify Ecommerce website development partner.


Easy to Approach

We ensure prompt and effective communication or knowledge transfer with a team of Sophify developers to address your concerns. We are always available to listen to your concerns and provide you with Shopify eCommerce solutions that are tailored to your specific website support requirements.


Certified Shopify Expert

Our Shopify experts provide quick technical support to ensure that your Magento Storefront remains functioning. We keep you up to date and ensure that your store runs smoothly. Stay current and up to date, whether it's B2B, B2C, or D2C. We've got you covered, from routine updates to new feature integrations to website support needs.


Emergency Support

By providing round-the-clock monitoring during critical scenarios, our website maintenance services ensure minimal downtime. Our dedicated support team is always ready to address any emergency concerns and provide 24/7 assistance to keep your website running smoothly and offer the best shopping experience possible.


Resource Management

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager for ongoing support and maintenance. Throughout the maintenance process, your project manager will serve as a single point of contact, facilitating effective communication between you and the technical support team.


Comprehensive Shopify Support

We offer unparalleled website support and maintenance services for all Magento editions. Shopify Open Source, Shopify Commerce, and Adobe Commerce Cloud are all included. Our experience includes Shopify development services and optimizing numerous e-commerce websites to meet a variety of specialized business needs.


Rollover Hours

We offer a rollover of unutilized hours to the following month based on your purchased plan to help you save money. Using these rollover hours, we can create custom features, tweak your website, or make other changes to increase conversion rates.

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